Friday, June 17, 2016

You Will Not Save Your Soul

You will not save your soul if you worship at Lourdes, Medjuorje or Mecca or pray at some holy well
If without reason you do not like somebody and wish this person in hell
And look down on your out of work neighbor because he or she is unemployed
It does not make you a good person to think you have god on your side
A good person never looks down on others and never feels superior to anyone
And never look for recognition if a good deed by her or him has been done
A good person may not even be religious since compassion does come from within
Though those who help people in need of helping admirers in numbers never do win
I feel privileged to know of a few good people who to help others go out of their way
Who feel it is their moral duty for to do some good deed every day
You may not be looked on as a celebrity by helping those financially down
Yet sadly many the impressionable look up to are the latent rogues of the town
You will not save your soul by religion and going to your house of worship to pray
If you lack in kindness and compassion and unkind things of others do say.

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