Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Marvelous Thing

I am one who live far from my first home place and i have been in many a town
And i have known of and worked with many races of all shades of black, white and brown
Only to find in all races there are good and bad people this much i have come to realize
Though different in culture and creed and color our similarities in most ways should not come as a surprise
In a Human World that can be numbered in billions there are far more good people than bad
And for racists, sexists and xenophobic one has for to feel a bit sad
But having this said our difference makes us more interesting as the wise one has been known to say
How boring we would be as people if we all thought in the same way
The years have left me feeling older far south of where i first saw light of day
In my physical prime in the nineteen sixties my balding head is silver gray
That none of us are getting younger does have to apply to us all
Though i am one who wants to go on living i well may have lived my last Fall
After recent rain the paddocks looking green and healthy bedecked in their wildflowers of Spring
The beauty that is born of Nature is indeed a marvelous thing.

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