Monday, September 26, 2016

Balding Middle Aged Ted

He is not tall and handsome balding middle aged Ted
But he has a reputation of being good in bed
Of his sexual prowess among some women word of him has got around
And locally stories of his sexual exploits true or not does abound

Since their sexual needs Ted has satisfied
A few local middle aged women from their husbands have secrets to hide
Though of his sexual conquests Ted would never brag
For local male virility he is one who helps to carry the flag

Though in the local pub he is one quite well known
He is not part of any social group there he always drinks on his own
Whilst the younger drinking mates on their sexual prowess do waffle away
Ted on such matters has nothing to say

It is true the old saying that shut mouth never catch flies
Ted to engage in such public boasting is too wily and wise
Action speaks louder than words as the wise one does say
With Ted anyhow it is surely this way

Ted an unmarried father has just turned thirty nine
As a sexual being he matures like good wine
He is not handsome looking broad shouldered and tall
But at loving making of him it is said there is nothing small.

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