Thursday, September 29, 2016

Every Day He Has To Fight His Battle

Every day he has to fight his battle against the black moods of despair
But he is one you never hear say that life to him it is not fair
For years he has been on medication for to keep him from losing his mind
Yet he is a very good person and known to be compassionate and kind
Overweight and balding in his early fifties mental illness it has ruined his life
Because of it he will never father children or have a girl friend or a wife
He has known of far more bad than of good times and of days when he wish he would die
But the fact is the desire to live than the wish for death is far stronger and fact as is known never lie
Compared to his mine is a good life though i am poor financially
I could not even hope to imagine how tough on him life has to be
His troubled mind is his own war zone he fights his own war every day
Depending on strong medication for to keep the black moods at bay
I cannot say that i do envy one like him often mentally down
In life there is not any laughter for one of the clinically depressed of the town.

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