Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I Am Not

I am not that well known a fellow nor neither do i wish to be
Cannot boast of a professional career or a good education that comes with a uni degree
Like many just one who loves Nature and the beauty that is all around me
And i too can only marvel at the natural beauty everyday i do see
I do know of so many greedy people who to money can only relate
And yet these are the sort of people that the masses out there celebrate
In a World where millions are homeless and hungry their sort i could never admire
Yet singing the praises of the wealthy and famous many never do seem to tire
Though many of them enemies of our Earth Mother for their financial gain some of her beauty they destroy
Tree removal and in the earth making huge holes to make huge sums of money some of the super rich enjoy
I would rather live and die as a poor unknown person than become wealthy in such a way
It is only the future generations will suffer for the greed of the very wealthy of today
I am just an ordinary fellow who only believe on live and let live
And i only can admire the people who lives to receive for to give.

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