Friday, September 16, 2016

I Fear Death

I do not believe in the hereafter one reason that i do fear death
One reason i wish to keep living and that i will fight for my final breath
I do not believe post bodily death that the soul has wings to fly
To the paradise of the God people believe in a World somewhere beyond the sky
Of the post bodily death places often referred to as heaven and hell
Any deceased person i have known of their existence to me have not come back to tell
I am one of those a Doubting Thomas i need proof before i believe
To religious thoughts my mind is not open and a closed mind new thinking will not receive
In ways i envy those with the gift of faith for faith it does give rise to hope
And those with hope in the life hereafter with the thought of death can better cope
Suppose we are what we are in our thinking and what we are till death we will be
What is true and real to many people is just an illusion to me
I fear death because i want to keep living since i do not believe in a God in for to pray
But i like any other mortal know that i must die one day.

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