Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If Tomorrow I Do Cark It

If tomorrow i do cark it and today is my last living day
Leave me in peace forever in the spot where i do lay
I have had quite a good innings on me why waste your time to pray
I enjoy my favorite hobby since with rhyming words i love to play
If there is a life hereafter for me the poetasters hell
With a pencil and a notebook there i would do rather well
Scribbling rhymes to Satan despite what many of him do say
He cannot be much worse than many i do meet with every day
I know of so many so called devout people who to their higher selves do not live as true
They do not practice what they preach this is to give them their due
They find far too much enjoyment on verbally putting others down
Yet they are looked up to as admirable on their side of the town
If tomorrow i do cark it for me do not shed a tear
For the dead are past all caring and your sobs i will not hear.

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