Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In Your Neighborhood Of Hypocrites

Some spend too much time in worrying on what others of them do say
To conform like all conformists has become the human way
Mr And Mrs X who live next door do not like the look of you
Though it is surely not their business how you look since no harm to them you do
They do not like you with your shirt off exposing your hairy chest
And they do not like you in your garden in your tattered time worn vest
They want you to look just like them prim and proper in your attire
You are not the type of person to live near them they do desire
In your neighborhood of hypocrites you must feel one out of place
Not surprising you often think about moving to where yours would not be a known face
But no matter where you do move to though none there who know you by name
There will be people there for to judge you everywhere is much the same
They do not like you working in your garden displaying your hairy chest
Perhaps they are jealous of your physique though for this you should feel blessed.

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