Friday, September 2, 2016

Like The Day Millstreet Played St Nicholas

Some memories do not live long they seem to die fast
Whilst some a whole lifetime with us seem to last
Like the day Millstreet played St Nicholas in the Park in Macroom
In the Summer sunshine when Nature was in bloom

In a Cork County senior championship match as i do recall
In a game that was not a great advertisement for Gaelic Football
It was not a good day for sportsmanship at all
Since the Proceedings ended in an all in brawl

A game that left the legendary Cork hurler Christy Ring with a broken jaw
And that ended in anger and left feelings raw
Who broke Christy Ring's jaw in an angry physical display
In Cork G A A circles remains as a mystery today

Some claim that it was not one from Millstreet who broke Ring's jaw but a fellow Cork hurler out to settle a score
A rumor that lives on today and will live forever more
Of a game that did not end in handshakes only missing teeth and black eyes
Yet that none of those involved were not left with life threatening injuries was a welcome surprise

For the brawl Millstreet blamed the Nicks and the Nicks Millstreet did blame
And all i have left are fading memories of an unsporting game
For i was a boy then and this is a long time ago
And time that rusts iron has since become my foe

More than a decade of years before i reached my life's prime
And this is going back many decades in time
To the all in brawl between the players and supporters of St Nicholas and Millstreet in the Park in Macroom
In the Summer sunshine when Nature was in bloom.

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