Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nancy McLean

In the grave where her husband lay
Nancy McLean was put to earth today
In Koroit never to be seen in the flesh again
But good memories are sure to remain

Of a good mother to her children and to her husband a good wife
In her eighty eight year of life
Nancy McLean breathed her last
One of the last living links to Koroit's long gone past

Free of conceit and of guile
Nancy had a lovely smile
She passed from life quite suddenly
Without pain and peacefully

In the cemetery of Tower Hill
The heart that beat with kindness forever still
In her long life many friends she made
And good memories of her will be slow to fade

In Koroit Nancy was well loved and well known
She had a charm of her own
One i did feel privileged to know
As she did have the inner glow

In Koroit she first saw light of day
And in nearby Tower Hill her last remains lay
The breath of life from her body may be gone
But in all who knew her good memories of her will live on.

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