Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Of Government Interference

Of Government interference of peoples existence the evidence is rife
They dictate to them on how to run their life
Yet it is not by any good example the Government or their opposition do lead
Of abuse of taxpayer money for their own advancement by politicians we often hear of and read
That many politicians are lacking in compassion does seem sad to say
By them those doing it tough treated in the harshest way
That they legislate for the wealthy only seems obviously clear
Of a politician visiting the slums one does not often of hear
For the working poor and the unemployed and those sleeping rough
The Government in their policies only making life for them more tough
Government for the wealthy only is how it does seem
Which does nothing for the poor and their sense of self esteem
And that one person's loss becomes to another a gain
This is how it always was and is and how it will always remain.

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