Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Some Of Those

Some of those who go to pray and drink from the waters of any known holy well
Seem further from an afterlife of heaven and nearer to an afterlife of hell
Though they believe they will be with their god forever the doubt is if they will
Since they are known to hold grudges and on others do wish ill
Believing on a god does not make one a better person since forgiveness and compassion is within
The mind of every good person, to not believe in a god should not be a sin
Believing in a god will not make you a better person or compassionate and kind
Since the creatures known as good and evil are creatures of the human mind
You do not have to be a religious person to live in an honorable way
Since i do know of some atheists who do good deeds every day
Goodness is a gift of the mind as the wise person did say
For to live as a better person to a god you need not pray
He or she is a good person though in a god they do not believe
If they live true to the higher self and give to receive.

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