Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Egotistical And Look At Me Types

The egotistical and look at me types are not rare now it does seem
It is a gift of the humble what many call low self esteem
Self promotion is the in thing in the World of today
In this the age of the selfie ego on public display
Far too many with this syndrome known to some as look at me
Those when looking in their mirrors gods and goddesses do see
To me it is a pleasure to meet one of humility
As they are not in the many sad in all as this may be
Far too many who feel superior to be found in every town
People who love building themselves up and enjoy putting others down
Young people taking selfies i do see every day
Many out of control egos which does seem quite sad to say
I must be a cynical old bugger for to see life in this way
One of those inferior rhymers who with rhyme words love to play.

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