Tuesday, September 13, 2016

They Died For Ireland

They thought that they were fighting for freedom of British rule for Ireland in a war far away
But perhaps the tag of traitors with them in Ireland does stay
David Lloyd George the then Prime Minister promised them of British rule Ireland would be free
If they fought on the side of Britain in time going back a century
Of course the young Irish believed the one known as the Welsh Wizard back then
For freedom from British Rule would have been a dream come true for brave young Irishmen
But Lloyd George went back on his word whilst thousands of young Irishmen died
Fighting for Irish freedom from Britain on the British side
Many of the young Irish from the first World war to Ireland never made it back
They died for the love of their Country under the Union Jack
The pledge made to them by David Lloyd George they did believe
But many politicians in their words are known to deceive
In Ireland they are not remembered in story and song
And to say the least this is strange and very wrong.

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