Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tower Hill Of The Gunditjmara

Tower Hill of the Gunditjmara the now south west Victoria's first race
Where they had their dreaming a spiritual place
Where on warm Summer evenings in the shade of the trees
They played their didgeridoos and had their corroborees
They truly believed to the land they belong
And from generation to generation their bond to country till death did remain strong
But their way of life changed forever when the foreigners came
And nothing again for them would be the same
Thousands of centuries before Cook and his sailors came south
They hunted and fished and in their country traveled about
The people who believed they belonged to the land
Something the colonizers could never understand
Today in the volcanic valley of Tower Hill where people come to visit from far and wide
The spirit of the Gunditjmara the south west's first people will always reside.

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