Friday, September 30, 2016

We All Need Some Ego

We all need some ego for survival it does seem this way
But people with overblown egos i meet with every day
Their own praises only too willing to sing
With some self promotion nowadays does seem the in thing

Some base success in life on the accumulation of money and fame
Quite aspirational people for them for want of a better name
Of those doing it tough they only do say
If you are poor you have chosen for to live this way

The self conceited aspirational lacking in empathy
Who for those less privileged than they are cannot feel any sympathy
Compassion is a thing that is born of the mind
And people as they are not this way inclined

We all do need some ego to survive it does seem
Especially those who do live with quite low self esteem
But the egotistical whose egos are quite overblown
To be caring and kind their type are not known.

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