Friday, September 9, 2016

With Many People Life Is About

With many people life is about the making of money and fame
Since the poor person never becomes a great name
The me, myself and i syndrome alive and well today
That greed is an in thing does seem sad to say
In a World controlled by the wealthy few many are doing it tough
And many are homeless and hungry, living and sleeping rough
And even though they live as extremely poor on the poor side of the town
They too have their dreams of wealth and renown
For to live as a poor person is not what one would choose
But in life as in all things for one for to win others do have to lose
In life it is true money does take one far
With many people it is about owning the biggest boat, new home or new car
In the twenty first century more than it ever was greed for money is the in thing
Of the praises of poor people you never hear anyone sing.

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