Friday, October 7, 2016

A Corkman I Will Be

My late mother was from Kerry of this i will not lie
But a Cork man i will be till the day i do die
In Millstreet County Cork my life's journey began
Where i lived my young years and grew into a man

My heart is with the women and men who wear the red jersey when they line out to play
And for as long as i live loyal to Cork i will stay
That my favorite color is red do i need to say why
The colors of Cork i would never deny

From Millstreet in Cork a parochial migrant of me one might say
And my heart is with Cork when they line out to play
I feel tearful every time i hear The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee
Cork before Ireland is how it is with me

Though i may never see the Boggeragh Ranges again
Loyal to my home County i will remain
The Republic of Cork by some it is known
And my County of birth i could never disown.

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