Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Andy In His Late Twenties

It is his journey in life that brought him to this place
That where to the majority his is a stranger's face
He works in the town superstore in his job he may not stay
Since the bug of wander it is in him for places far away
Without any children or a partner he never had a wife
Andy in his late twenties does not have ties in his life
Yet such a very good person moral and honest in every way
He always works for a living and earns his every pay
He may find love on his travels in some city or town
Someone he may wish to live with raise children and settle down
Where he is now he may well live for another month or two
Since he has in him a yearn to travel this is what he was born to do
Andy in his late twenties will never become a millionaire
Though his type to say the least are becoming rare.

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