Friday, October 28, 2016

Ben And Jill

Jill in her twenties says she likes men
To be well built and muscular like her neighbor Ben
The new age feminine types are not for her
The real looking men are the sort she prefer

She does fancy Ben in quite a big way
But between them it is only hello and good day
For Ben to chat up women seems rather shy
And why he does not have a female lover she does wonder why?

Joe one she does know single and twenty nine
Asked her on a date but his offer she did decline
Not her type of man not broad shouldered and tall
And his sort of male does not attract her at all

At present for Ben she only has eyes
And to her friends her liking for him she does not disguise
And why Ben on her any interest does not show
She thinks he is shy and hard to get to know

She little realizes that tall and handsome Ben who looks a man in every way
Unbeknownst to most is a closet gay
He does have a secret male lover named Jim
And a woman as a sexual partner does not appeal to him.

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