Thursday, October 6, 2016

Droughts, Storms And Flooding

Droughts, storms and flooding and weather extreme
Is just part of Climate Change is how it does seem
Their crops covered in flood waters the farmers in tears
By environmental scientists of this we have been warned for decades of years
If the farmers to weather are losing their crops to us this does say
That famine and hard times for many are not far away
In famines it is always the poor who with their lives do pay
But the rising cost of food when scarce will not worry the wealthy they will be okay
Even Climate Change skeptics have come to realize
With the Polar ice caps melting and sea levels on the rise
And in the extreme weather crops for food being destroyed
That climate Change is for real and it is Worldwide
Climate Change experts have been warning of Global Warming for years
And with their crops by bad weather being destroyed many suicidal farmers in tears.

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