Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Good At Deception

That we all need money to live is a mere fact of life
One reason a beautiful young woman in her twenties becomes the wealthy old fellow's wife
When she tells him she loves him her false words go to his head
But in her thinking she hopes that he will soon be dead

So she can have all of his money her false proclamations of love based on greed
And that her type are not rare does seem quite sad indeed
She dumped her young lover the old bloke for to wed
Though a man in his mid eighties cannot be of much use in bed

His feelings of love for her doubtless are very strong
But when he thinks that she loves him he has got it all wrong
That she only married him for his money he does not realize
But that this should be so is not any surprise

That when she tells him she loves him he believes her lies
All men do grow older but few do grow wise
He believes her when she tells him the child she is carrying to his blood belong
And in her deception she cannot see any wrong

He is eighty five and she is twenty nine
And in the most expensive restaurants they wine and they dine
When she tells him she loves him to her words she is not true
But she is good at deception for to give to her what is her due.

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