Saturday, October 8, 2016

I Am One Who Fears Death

I am one who fears death of this i will not lie
But like every other mortal one day i must die
Of death it is known it is the fear of the fear
And every tick of the clock to it brings us more near
Death claims every life from the pauper to the billionaire
And those who do not fear it to say the least rare
Yes the one who does not fear death is one of a rare breed
For the fear of the unknown is a real fear indeed
That i am one who does fear death i do not feel embarrassed to say
Since fear is quite a natural thing anyway
It takes an extremely brave person for to die brave
As most people do fear the dark depths of the grave
I am not embarrassed to say that the thought of death does scare me
But my time will come to die whenever that will be.

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