Monday, October 31, 2016

In The Bendigo City Botanical Gardens

In the Bendigo City Botanical Gardens for it's beautiful trees of many countries in renown
The roosting fruit bats in their thousands on bare branches hanging upside down
The smell of their muskiness from the higher trees
Comes wafting through the parkland in the freshening breeze
And one or two of them at intervals do fly
For to roost on branch more to their liking nearby
At nightfall from their roosting trees they do fly
Beyond the City through kilometers of sky
In search of fruit bearing trees and return at break of day
To the Botanical Gardens for their daylight stay
The roosting fruit bats in Bendigo's Botanical Gardens only one of Nature's wonders for to see
But of there i carry the memory with me
Of the fruit bats in their thousands roosting upside down
Of dark bodies and gray heads and necks of russet brown.

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