Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On Receiving C D's From Breeda Rahilly

A gift of two c d 's from Breeda Rahilly on tape singing with her sister Marie
The marvelous singing Diamond Sisters of Duhallow her gift means so much to me
A migrant of the Boggeraghs the old hills far away
These mere words could never thank her for bringing joy to my day

The beautiful singing voices so melodious and clear
Of the talented Diamond Sisters always a joy to hear
The best of old Duhallow of them one has to say
Their latest c d quite a gem i like it better with every play

My better days behind me since i am an aging man
But of the singing Diamond Sisters i will always be a fan
Until the reaper of lives comes to claim the life from me
Sometime in the future whenever this will be

To send me c d's of their latest Diamond Sister offering of Breeda such a generous and spontaneous thing
To do since a flutter of joy from far away her gift to me did bring
Their music and Duhallow singing voices to them have such a melodious ring
One can say of the Diamond Sisters that they were born to sing

The gift of two c d's the best of the Diamond Sisters from Breeda Rahilly i do appreciate
My favorite Duhallow singing duo among the best they do rate
They have brought a slice of pleasure to a migrant Millstreet man
And i can say in all honesty that in me they have a fan.

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