Saturday, October 8, 2016

Self Appointed Judges

The one considered a public enemy is somebody's daughter or son
But this does not give you the right to be the judge of this person or the judge of anyone
Why do the job that government appointed judges are paid highly to do
For to be anybody's judge is not up to you
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged as a saying remains true
And pay to everyone the respect they are due
It is not up to you to pass judgement there are legal judges for this
The self appointed judges who decide on what sentence one on trial should receive the point do miss
That they will not have an input when the real judges sentence is taken into account
And their judgement to anything does not amount
Leave it to our law enforcement officers and legal judges to uphold the law
The only self appointed judge to pass judgement should be one without a human flaw
Those who enjoy judging others are always less willing to condone
Though they are not without sin they cast the verbal stone.

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