Sunday, October 30, 2016

They Have To Think

They have to think my heart is made of wood
Those who dismiss my rhyming efforts as no good
To be made to feel unworthy of literary criticism for any writer is not nice
But suppose most things in life on them do have some price

I do meet quite unfeeling people every day
But what we dislike in others we see in ourselves seems true to say
That the pen is mightier than the sword it well may be
Words meant to hurt leave mental scars it seems to me

From life we learn something new every day
This is how it is and will always be this way
I have learned a bit on ten years with three score
And have come to realize that hurtful words can leave a festering mental sore

I am far from a perfect being of this i know
One sadly lacking of the inner glow
But near to perfect people as always in the few
And this is not saying anything that is new

They have to think my heart is made of wood
Those who do dismiss my rhymes as no good
And though i know my rhymes will never bring me wealth or fame
Like all others i too have feelings just the same.

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