Friday, October 7, 2016

Those Who Believe Those Who Dress Well

Those who believe those who dress well, wear a formal suit and white shirt and nice tie
Are those we ought to look up to believe their own lie
It just goes to show how little about people they seem to know
As one's dress sense does not come with the inner glow
Far more decent people patronize the local public bar
Than the house of Parliament where many political legislators are
And they wear their formal suits and dresses every day
And receive many perks along with their very good pay
But many politicians are not known for compassion and honesty
Though everyone with this would hardly agree
Bankers and bureaucrats and big business multi billionaires are always dressed well
But of some of them and their deceptive ways those duped by them have bad stories to tell
Your dress sense does not tell of the person you are
No more so than the size of your home or your boat or your car.

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