Friday, October 28, 2016

We All End Up As Losers

The Stateless and the homeless the alcoholics and the drug abusers
Are all equal to the billionaire at life's journeys end since we all end up as losers
The Reaper of lives who claims the lives of everyone is the great equalizer
Though many grow greedier in their minds with age and too few do grow wiser
In a World of climate and war refugees the unwanted of any nation
The wars between the disciples of the human created gods for their plight partly an explanation
In a World where for the crimes of the wealthy few the poor are made for to suffer
And for the millions in extreme poverty life even getting tougher
Our bad treatment of Mother Earth we depend on to live seems way beyond excusing
Yet we have not learned from our ancestral mistakes since her we keep abusing
In wars and human induced Global Warming that leads to droughts and famines Mother Earth we keep attacking
And despite our scientific and technological advances in common sense we seem lacking
The very wealthy far more so than the poor are Mother Earth's main abusers
Yet despite their greed at life journey's end they too end up as losers.

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