Monday, October 10, 2016

Your Words May Come Back To Bite You

Your words may come back to bite you as the wise one does say
With the Republican U S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump it is looking this way
That his recorded insulting of women some while ago
Could well have ruined his last slim chance of becoming President well may be so
Many of his remarks for a Presidential hopeful seem way out of place
Seems he has given Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton another free kick in the Presidential race
And she herself is not known for her humility and grace
But it seems all too late for Donald for to save face
He is ruining his own chances of becoming President of him it can be said
That power, fame and the Worldwide publicity has gone to his head
Hillary Clinton will become the first woman President of the U S it does seem
And this will be a huge prick on Donald J Trump's over inflated sense of self esteem
He seems far too zealous on his quest for ultimate fame
And for this he only has himself for to blame.

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