Wednesday, November 30, 2016

In The Warmth Of November

In the warmth of November in the late southern Spring
The roses in bloom and the songbirds do sing
The sun shining bright in the sky blue and gray
On what is a near enough to a perfect day
The paddocks lush and green after the recent rain
With such beautiful weather none ought to complain
A weather temperature high for the day of twenty degrees
With only a slight freshening coastal breeze
That blow across the paddocks uphill from the bay
And carry the sweet scent of grass mowed for hay
The contented cattle on nutritious young grass gaining weight by the day
By the headland trees at ease chewing their cuds lay
And the songs of the blackbirds a joy for to hear
On what is a beautiful time of the year.

Our Eyes Only Tell Us

If you wish to see ugliness this is all you will see
This is how it is and how it always will be
And those who wish to see beauty have beauty in their eyes
We see what we want to see this i realize
Suppose we all have our views on reality
And we all look at life in ways quite differently
Nature lovers see great beauty in a flowering bush or tree
But the land developer with their sort could never agree
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as the wise one does say
The old bloke thinks his aged wife is beautiful though she is showing time's decay
And evidently she has known of a far better day
But obviously he does not see it this way
Our eyes only tell us what we wish them to see
In my humble opinion this is how it seems to be.

Tim Callaghan

In Inchaleigh near the Town of Millstreet Tim Callaghan first saw light of day
His life journey ended for him in Killowen near Blarney from Millstreet not that far away
As a Garda Chief Superintendent he was one who was known far and wide
Beyond the borders of Duhallow's green old countryside
Like many before him and after in the home place he did not stay
One who choose to live elsewhere life it can be this way
In Liscahane near the Town of Millstreet he grew into a man
Though in Duhallow he was one not destined to live out his life span
Tall and dark haired and handsome when in the bloom of his life's prime
Though this is going back many Seasons and at least four decades in time
An intelligent and honorable person up the Garda ranks he did rise
To learn of his many successes does not come as any surprise
His last remains to be cremated and only good memories of him remain
And sadly for his family and his friends not to be seen in the flesh again.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Grieve For Ourselves

We grieve for ourselves when we grieve for the dead
For our own mortality and of us what lay ahead
For even those who to a god kneel for to pray
Have no wish to be where dead people lay

Few do go through life without bearing some cross
And we grieve for ourselves for our own sense of loss
Sorrow is mentally painful and it's feelings run deep
But the dead do not hear us when for them we weep

When at the grave of a loved one we shed tears of grief
We weep for ourselves this only my belief
The dead past all cares and worries our sobs cannot hear
It is only the living their own mortality fear

I have wept for deceased family and friends in the flesh i will never more see
But i have come to realize that the one i was grieving for was only me
How human feelings work is far beyond me to explain
Only know that the deceased dead to feelings cannot know of our mental pain

We weep for ourselves when we weep for a deceased family member or friend
Whose journey in life for them has come to an end
This is only my opinion with which most of with would not agree
But then we all look at things one might say differently.

A Koroit Beauty

Her type of woman most men like to admire
One of the prettiest nubile young women of the Moyne Shire
With shoulder length wavy hair of a dark brown
Surely one of the finest in old Koroit Town
Tall and attractive and free of conceit
She smiles at everyone she does meet on the street
Without a husband or partner she leads a single life
Though many young males in the Moyne Shire would love her for a wife
Her type of person everyone wish to know
Since she is one who does have the inner glow
Not surprising in numbers her admirers have grown
For she is one who has a charm of her own
And wherever she is at joy seems to abound
For she carries it with her and spreads it around.

The Uni Professor

The uni professor highly educated, intelligent and well read
He has far more hair on his face than his head
A fuzzy brown beard and bald on the crown
One of the intelligentsia of his side of the town
He must be in his late forties since his only offspring a son of a former affair has turned twenty three
With his blond pretty younger lover him hand in hand walking i often see
Far too engrossed in conversation to even notice me
Some women only can love highbrows is how it seems to be
But love has it's many tastes as has been known
And as it has often been said it is each to their own
Everyone in their own groups in the social and cultural divide
And this is quite prevalent in villages, towns and cities Worldwide
One of the town's intelligentsia highly educated and well read
And he has far more face on his hair than his head.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Government And The Homeless Unemployed

It cannot be our problem if they are in a financial hole
And though we know there are no jobs for them we must not give them dole
At our Government Cabinet meetings from any talk of them we must resist
We just have got to ignore them as if they do not exist

If we talk of unemployment in our voters this would sow seeds of self doubt
And since to us their votes are most important jobs and a booming economy we must talk about
We must keep our voters happy since we need them on our side
We will never win votes talking of the homeless unemployed

It can hardly be our problem if their parents have kicked them out
And they are homeless, jobless and hungry and wondering what life is about
And it can hardly be our problem if many of them do turn to crime
And their wrongdoings have them in prison serving well deserved jail time

Our talk must be of jobs and new industries and not of the unemployed homeless and an economy in stress
Since our impressionable voters we do have to impress
We only like them for their votes which to them is not obviously clear
And we only do tell them what they do wish to hear

And this is not of the homeless unemployed who are hard done by life
Who live in the suburbs where poverty is rife
In life we will leave them to find their own way
Since they never cast their votes on election day.

A Sad Reflection On Humanity

In the early years of the twenty first century intolerance is rife
And mistrust and dislike getting stronger by the day
Against the refugees of famines and wars
And this seems a sad thing for one for to say

On the homeless the Stateless and those in dire poverty
Extreme Nationalism and Patriotism on them taking toll
Their friends sad to say are too few
In a World where racism is out of control

And so many are becoming more poor
In the widening gap of the social divide
And no such a thing as a fair go for all
In a World where many of a fair go are denied

For to be a victim of famine and war
Should never be seen as a crime
Yet many refugees on their search for a better life
Are in detention centers serving time

The kind and compassionate are becoming rare
At a time when the Human World of them is badly in need
And that intolerance is almost Worldwide and rife
Is a sad reflection on humanity indeed.

A Woman From Knocknagree

It does seem time is against her she is eighty three
She may never again go back to Knocknagree
To the high village in Sliabh Luachra in the green countryside
By the Boggeragh Ranges that stretch far and wide

On either side of the Cork Kerry border such beauty to be seen
At all times of year so many shades of green
With views of Clara, Caherbarnagh and Gortavehy with the face of stone
And Goddess Anu's breasts near Rathmore known as the Paps of Shrone

Seven times a great grandmother her wavy shoulder length hair silver gray
She retains some of her beauty though long past her prime day
Her late husband an Aussie at peace forever lay
Twelve years ago of a heart attack from life he passed away

Far south of where as a girl she went to school
In the south western coastal City of Warrnambool
She walks on the pathway along by Stingray Bay
Weather permitting and this is almost every day

With her border collie a handsome white and black
Her constant companion she tells me his name is Mack
She lives with Mack in her unit on Banyan Street
A very nice person and always a pleasure to meet

Though she may never go back to Knocknagree again
Her Sliabh Luachra accent with her does remain
Her journey in life has brought her far south
Of the fields of the badger and the streams of the brown trout.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Few Celebrities

Few celebrities who know of success and fame
As they once were are known to remain the same
An old saying perhaps you would have heard said
That success has gone to her or his head
A successful person without any conceit
Is one in a lifetime you may only meet
For the down to earth famous people are quite rare indeed
And of more of their sort the Human World is in need
It is hard to stay humble if you are one that many admire
And of singing your praises they never do tire
It is hard to stay humble if yours is a great name
As humility often becomes the victim of money and fame
The humble wealthy and famous to say the least few
And this is not saying anything that is new.

The Clock Ticks On Fast

The clock ticks on fast past our physical prime
Eventually we all become victims of time
We quickly lose the energy of youthful elan
And the longest lived human life in time is not a long span
The pauper the celebrity and the billionaire
The Reaper of lives any life does not spare
The one who treats every life as the same
Is not one who respects money and fame
Time that rusts iron becomes everyone's foe
The famous athlete of five decades ago
The former National champion is now walking slow
The years on the best of them eventually show
The clock on our lives ever keeps ticking on
And at the stroke of midnight today will be gone.

He Does Not Have A Reason

He does not have a reason for to smile today
Since the company director has ordered a cut in employees pay
The company profits are down this year
And the employees in less take home pay must help out the company bosses have made clear

With a wife and two young daughters to support it is more money not less he does need
And a cut in wages for him makes life much harder indeed
But he cannot afford to quit his job since jobs are few
And many unemployed and looking for work such news is not new

The company financial income may be down but a huge annual profit their accounts do show
But it is only the bad financial news of them their employees do know
It is the employees must bear the burden of the company's financial loss
The workers as always must shoulder the cross

Circumstance has condemned him to work for a company that has only given him a cut in pay
That life for his sort is never easy does seem true to say
And with hope for the better he does keep faith
And all good things do come to those who for them do wait.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

In Ralph Illidge Sanctuary

In Ralph Illidge Sanctuary between Cobden and Warrnambool
The day it is sunny though pleasantly cool
On a weather temperature high for the day of eighteen degrees
In this beautiful place of majestic gum trees
Near where the Brucknell Creek does go babbling along
The bird known as the grey shrike thrush is whistling his song
From once heard you never again get him wrong
His distinctive whistle to his kind only belong
In Ralph Illidge Sanctuary where peace reign supreme
Majestic old growth eucalyptus trees in abundance to be seen
A Nature Reserve with a charm of it's own
As beautiful a place as i have ever known
Quite pleasantly cool in the shade of the tall trees
Where the shrike thrush's whistling is carrying in the breeze.

A Beautiful November Day

It is quite a beautiful November Day
In the sunny mostly blue sky just a few clouds of gray
The birds are singing in the park by the bay
With the first of the southern calendar Spring just eleven sleeps away
With much warmer weather to us ever near
Late Spring can be quite a pleasant time of year
With only the slightest of a coastal breeze
A high for the day of a pleasant eighteen degrees
The flower decked park green after the recent rain
With such pleasant weather how can one complain
There is so much beauty in Nature for to see
Everywhere i turn to look it is all around me
In latter November towards the end of the Spring
The wild birds of Nature do whistle and sing.

On An Email From Russell Murphy

Received an email from Russell Murphy in Australia though he had not all good news of to tell
His cousin Eddie Murphy of far off Ballydaly in hospital and not feeling well
Which is sad for his family and many friends and Delia his beloved wife
But i feel sure Eddie will come good again in him there are more years of life

My memories of Eddie Murphy for more than six decades does span
Tall and handsome in his young years he was quite a gentleman
In his prime for the Ballydaly Club he played Gaelic Football
A good and kind hearted person in him there is nothing small

His great greyhound Poundie's Gift raced in the Irish Oaks final in Dublin going back decades in time
When Eddie was a young man a few years short of his physical prime
He and Delia with their greyhounds many big races did win
With their dogs of the Ballydaly prefix love of place comes from within

For so many years a member of the Millstreet Pipe Band
He played with them at sports and celebrations in many towns in Ireland
Unassuming and quietly spoken one who never yearns for fame
Just a good and decent person who never calls anyone out of name

An email from Russell Murphy in Australia who had some good news to tell
Though his cousin Eddie Murphy of Ballydaly in hospital and not feeling well
But Eddie is a man who loves life and i feel he will be okay
And next Spring he will be in Duhallow for to see the flowers of May.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Some People For Self Gain

That your present best friend may be your future worst enemy this point some do miss
Like Judas betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss
And Christ was his guru as history tells us so
Going far back in time to many centuries ago
Out of the best of friendships the worst of enemies are often made
And so many people by their best friends betrayed
For self gain to some people nothing is unfair
And trust from once broken is hard to repair
A wrong done to them for some people too hard to forgive
And till the day they do die with their grudge they will live
And since feelings run deep why otherwise pretend
It is mentally hurtful to be betrayed by your best friend
To some people for self gain nothing is unfair
And trust from once broken is hard to repair.

Even The Bravest Of The Brave

It is true even the bravest of the brave
Do fear the dark depths of the grave
Though such feelings in public their sort would not claim to own
Fear of death to all kind is known
Some even have a morbid fear of waking from the dead
In a dark coffin with earth over their head
And though songs of brave death the singers do sing
The fear of death is a common thing
Many who believe in an afterlife paradise for good souls in the sky
In their fear of death their beliefs they deny
Those who sing the praises of a brave death believe their own lie
For even the bravest of the sane do not wish to die
And it is true that even the bravest of the brave
Do secretly fear the dark depths of the grave.

Their Fans Must Be Partly To Blame

The wealthy celebrities their many fans celebrate
And look up to them as special and great
But they are not all they are made out to be
Many of them in their ways quite ordinary

The wealthy and famous multi millionaire
With a normal sized ego to say the least rare
Among their sort the look at me syndrome is rife
They believe they are a great gift to life

And for this their fans must be partly to blame
Since without them they would not know of fame
That too much praise can go to one's head
No truer words have ever been said

In a Human World where self promotion does seem the in thing
Their own praises many love to sing
The humble, kind and compassionate to say the least few
On this i am not saying anything that is new.

In an age when humility seems out of date
The egotistical wealthy and famous the impressionable masses celebrate
And swollen egos they help to create
By their making of the ordinary out to be great.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Do Not Know For To Say

My life's journey began from here far away
And where and when i will die do not know for to say
For my every mistake in life i have been made to pay
But we learn as we live since life is this way

On my life's journey many nice people i have met
And then there is the few i would rather forget
And many i have known that i may not meet again
Only memories of what was in us does remain

There are some i know vaguely and some i know well
But everyone have their own stories to tell
Of their lives journeys of family, friend and foe
That everyone has a life history happens to be so

In some cases it happens for to be true
That we receive from life what is only our due
Yet the power to do good can only come from within
In a Human World where many must lose for some for to win

It is a fact us humans are mortals and fact never lie
I know where i was born but not where i will die
At the stroke of midnight the past will be today
And the clock on our lives ever ticking away.

The Town's Wealthiest Person

The town's wealthiest person was buried today
He now is at peace where his last remains lay
He shares the same grave as his deceased wife
Two years ago she lost her great gift of life
Survived by a son and a daughter and seven grandchildren who of money will never go in need
By their circumstance of birth some are lucky indeed
They are quite lucky by birth of them one can say
They will never be homeless or know of a hungry day
To be born into life as a multi millionaire
One would have to be lucky and this sort are rare
For to be born into life comes only by chance
And your future can be defined by your birth circumstance
The town's wealthiest person was buried today
But he does not need money where he now does lay.

A Stranger In Ballydaly

Since from there i have been quite a long time away
I would be a stranger to many in Ballydaly today
By the Boggeragh Ranges far inland from Hibernia's shore
In the Parish of Millstreet on the road to Rathmore

At the end of the Autumn with Winter quite near
It is cool and wet in Ballydaly in November of the year
Clara, Gortavehy and Caherbarnagh half cloaked in the gray fogs of rain
And brown storm water flowing in every roadside and field drain

The people of Ballydaly as i recall have a charm of their own
Where today i would be a stranger to many where i once was well known
But this is going back some three decades ago
And time as we know becomes everyone's foe

Ballydaly quite a beautiful place in the Spring
When in the leafy groves the nesting songbirds do sing
And in the fields cattle out of farmyard sheds from months of eating silage and hay
On nutritious young grass are gaining weight by the day

From there i have been quite a long time away
And i would be a stranger to many in Ballydaly today
And only the memories with me does remain
Of a place i did love i may not see again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Share One Thing In Common

We share one thing in common one has to agree
We all have our memories of for us what used to be
Yet in all of our lives the clocks are ticking fast
And we cannot physically live in the past
Time keeps ever ticking and ticking away
And at the stroke of midnight the past will be today
And since us humans are born to mortality
Some of us tomorrow may not live to see
And life does go on as the wise one does say
A lot of people who thought they were unexpendable In cemeteries lay
We are born to die why otherwise pretend
And the Reaper of lives is not anyone's friend
A last Winter, Spring and Summer and Fall
For the wealthy and famous like the poor since death is for all.

In Illowa In November

In Illowa of the Moyne Shire it is a pleasant November day
A freshening breeze blowing uphill from nearby Gorman's Bay
The countryside lush and green after recent Spring rain
With such beautiful weather few would wish to complain
Cattle on nutritious young grass chewing their cuds do lay
Looking content and healthy gaining weight by the day
The sun is glowing warm in sky of blue and gray
And wafting in the coastal breeze the scent of grass mowed for hay
The distinctive warbling of the magpies the birds who sing all through the year
And the melodious songs of the blackbirds so pleasant for to hear
With the sun on their dark wings the hunters of the sky
In pursuit of flying insects the welcome swallows fly
And the beauty in the wild growing flowers one only can admire
In Illowa in November in the coastal Moyne Shire.

Daithi Dowling

Such sad news out of Millstreet In Duhallow Daithi Dowling has passed away
In St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill his last remains now lay
He will be missed by friends and family and everyone who knew him in Millstreet
Daithi was an honorable person as nice a fellow as one could wish to meet

Predeceased by his beloved wife Maura she passed away just a few years ago
Time that does rust steel and iron eventually becomes everybody's foe
All of us humans are born as mortals for us there is a last night and day
Though good memories of people like Daithi Dowling does long outlive bodily decay

As a young man he played for Millstreet and Ballydaly in hurling and Gaelic Football
In his prime years in the nineteen fifties and sixties he was handsome athletic and tall
In his lifetime he was quite a likeable fellow and his friends in numbers did grow
And it truly can be said of Daithi that he was one who did have the inner glow

He was one who led by good example devoted to his children and Maura his late wife
And it can be said of Daithi Dowling that he was a man who truly did love life
It is so sad to learn of his passing but such a day will come to us all
For everyone there is a last Winter a last Spring and Summer and last Fall

For all of us there will be a last sunrise and for everyone there is a last sundown
He will be missed by many in Millstreet and in places far beyond Millstreet Town
Hope in death that he did not suffer that from life his was a painless release
In the cemetery of St Mary's may Daithi Dowling forever rest in peace.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Radio This Evening

On radio this evening i heard a well known poet
Give his views on a major writer and one unworthy of literary note
Self opinionated in his views is how he seemed to me
But each to their own one must suppose is how it ought to be
In literary circles his opinions hold some weight by those who think they know best
The opinionated literary critics the well paid and well dressed
Literature's privileged minority who are well paid to decide
On the unworthy of literary criticism and those who should be famed Worldwide
He talked of his favorite writers and his own praises did sing
To the self conceited and opinionated self praise seems a natural thing
Cannot say i liked his way of speaking he sounded a bit of a toff
Ten minutes listening to him enough for me the radio i switched off
Though i realize he is admired by many but that too is okay
Each to their own opinions as some do like to say.

So Let Us Hear It For Women

Let us hear it for women a rousing hooray
The unsung heroines of the Human World of today
For equal work to men most of them not paid equal pay
In a fair Human World it would not be this way
The grandmothers and mothers the daughters and wives
And the great single women who devote their lives
In the helping of people of helping in need
A good woman is a great person indeed
For too long some women by their men treated bad
And this putting it mildly to say the least sad
For too long by men women have been kept down
A town without women as leaders is a leaderless town
So let us hear it for women them we should celebrate
For to right a wrong it is never too late.

The Newly Elected President

For months he has made the news headlines almost every day
The newly elected President of the U S of A
But some terrible things of Muslims and Mexicans and some men and many women he has been known to say
If i said things in public like Donald J Trump has said about people and other races i am sure i would be locked away

For inciting public hatred and tension i would not be allowed to live free
That the law treats people differently does seem quite sad to me
By his horrible behavior without saying so Donald is making it okay
For American racists and misogynists to treat people in an abhorrent way

He may have become the forty fifth American President but one must also note
That his opponent Hillary Clinton did easily win the popular vote
But the American voting system different to other Countries Worldwide
And Hillary by her Country's Constitution of the top job has been denied

If i said what Donald Trump says i would be serving prison time
For inciting public racial hatred which is a serious crime
Americans with him as their President have taken a dent to their pride
And he is not one who can unite the one who does divide.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Karma We Sow In Life

The karma we sow in life will be ours to receive
If you are one of those who flatter to deceive
And make others poorer for your own financial gain
That you are sowing the seeds of your own bad karma as a fact does remain
But if you are one who helps those of helping in need
For your future good karma you are planting the seed
Since karma for kindness does always repay
This is how it is since life works in this way
Narcissism it does seem is self love gone wrong
In love, kindness and compassion an extreme love of self it does not belong
Good people to climb the social ladder do not knock others down
In their quest for recognition and wealth and renown
The karma we sow in life becomes our due
I am one of those who believe this to be true.


In her younger years her shoulder length wavy hair was chestnut brown
Rosy in her prime one of the pretty girls of the town
Now in her late forties with a son of twenty three
She is not the woman that she once used to be

She dyes her hair brown to cloak her silver gray
And use anti ageing creams and makeup to keep age wrinkles at bay
But she looks overweight and it is true to say
That she is one who has known of a far better day

Her ex husband Joe with her did not stay
To her he was unfaithful some men are this way
Without him she raised their son John on her own
Of life's harder side Rosy has known

Rosy looked quite beautiful in her physical prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time
One of the town beauties a few decades ago
Though eventually time becomes everyone's foe.

The Past Hardly Matter

The past hardly matter it has gone forever only the memories of it does remain
People we knew we sometimes do remember though we are never to meet them again
Presently life is not treating you kindly though better days of you may well be ahead
Make the most of your existence for you will be forever dead

And try to be happy since happy people others of do wish to know
Do not allow your present worries to darken your inner glow
Laugh and the World laughs with you as a truism remain
Why this should be so common knowledge one does not need to explain

You may have your worries but it is not a surprise
To know many doing it tougher than you as you must realize
So many are homeless and sleeping rough tonight
For them life is a battle a tough uphill fight

You are not hungry or homeless though presently money with you is tight
But better days for you may well be in sight
The unhappy person few of wish to know
As unhappiness does darken the inner glow.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ignorance Can Be Bliss

To create more room for buildings in the busy progressive town
They buy land expensive for to buy for their workers to cut the trees and bushes down
Trees and bushes that shelter Nature's creatures by chainsaw men cut to the ground
Where there are few who respect Nature those with the greed for money do abound
Councillors and politicians favor business over land
By giving land clearing and building permits to money greedy developers, Nature they do not understand
When sedentary birds and animals are dispossessed most of them are doomed to die
Their neighbor kind will not accept them within their borders survival of the fittest it is not a lie
Wealthy land developers do not respect Nature and of her ways little know
They will tell you it is okay to fell trees money cannot be made where trees do grow
They do not care if because of them birds and animals lose out ignorance can be bliss
That they are making creatures due to loss of habitat endangered of extinction is a point their sort do miss
The chainsaws of destruction can be heard buzzing in the big busy progressive town
No money to be made on trees and bushes so to make way for buildings they are cut down.

Humility Is Not An In Thing

Humility is not an in thing of the Human World of today
Nor neither is lack of arrogance it would be true to say
In a World where people everyday for success do compete
The unassuming person is always a joy to meet

In a World where far too many their own praises love to sing
It is only true that self promotion nowadays is the in thing
The Human World seems like an ongoing competition where people with each other compete
For success and all that goes with it in a show of self conceit

The praises of the arrogant successful the impressionable do sing
As if money and fame and all that goes with them does count for everything
On what is known as the success hill you well may have climbed far
But this does not tell us anything of the person you really are

Are you humble enough to realize that lady luck is on your side
And are you humble enough to realize that millions of good people are in poverty Worldwide
Homeless dejected and hungry through no fault of their own
They are special people those who remain humble though of great success they have known

On saying that among the wealthy and famous the humble are quite few
Is not a revelation or saying anything that is new
And in a World where billions of people everyday with each other for some form of success compete
An unassuming person one does not often meet.

For Everyone

For everyone a last Winter, Spring, Summer and a last Fall
And a last night and day is ahead of us all
No matter what you achieve in life for you it will be the same
As the one who dies without a penny to his or her name
The pauper the celebrity and the billionaire
The Reaper of lives any life does not spare
For everyone there is a final New Year
And the farewell bell for us we never do hear
The days go by quickly beyond youthful elan
And the longest lived human life in time not a long span
The living with each other compete for success
But the Reaper of lives is one they fail to impress
That life's Reaper promotes equality in death one can say
And for all of us there is a last night and day.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Goddess Of Rhyme

In the park or the pub or sidewalk of the street
Or wherever i am at Goddess of Rhyme i do meet
In faces and places her i do see
Wherever i am she is all around me
The Goddess of Rhyme is with me very day
She is in my being in my mind she does stay
In rhyming words she tells me what i ought to say
And teaches me with words how i ought to play
She inspires me to write rhymes of the beautiful flowers
That bloom in the sunshine after Summer showers
And fish and animals and insects and the birds and the bees
And the soughing of the freshening wind in the trees
And of people in rhyme she tells me what to say
The Goddess of Rhyme inspires me every day.

Old Mt Tarrengower

For it's breathtaking scenery in Australian scenic renown
Old Mt Tarrengower overlooking Maldon Town
One of the best viewing spots of the central Victoria countryside
From it's summit one can see country far and wide
Home to native wildlife wallaby and echidna and gray kangaroo
And birds such as pee wees and magpies, crows and yellow tailed black cockatoo
Where Australia's first people hunted and had their corroborees
On warm Summer evening in the shade of the trees
But time brings with it changes as the wise one does say
And no didgeridoos to be heard on Mt Tarrengower today
The people come and go but the mountain remain
And each time i visit the countryside of Maldon and Castlemaine
I drive up the steep road to the summit of Mt Tarrengower
To view the breathtaking scenery from the viewing tower.

Your Thoughts

You have thousands of thoughts in your mind every day and few of them to others are known
Your thoughts one of the free things in your life and all of your thoughts are your own
Some of your thoughts with others you wish to share and some of them you wish to hide
The thoughts that you do keep to yourself to you are not a sense of pride
The one who does not have a thought in his or her head not in the World for to find
There are positive as well as negative thoughts in everybody's mind
Our dreams in life derived from thoughts though few dreams do ever come true
Though aspirations in life that we do have on our life's journey we do pursue
So many thoughts are in our minds perhaps thousands every day
But most thoughts are not permanent and few of them with us does stay
Every day in my mind so many thoughts and doubtless in your mind too
And in this respect all others are the same as me and as well as you
It is a fact us humans are known to think a lot and fact does never lie
And your mind will be full of thoughts until the day you do die.

Friday, November 18, 2016

All Around Me

A freshening coastal breeze blowing uphill from the bay
Carries with it the pleasant natural aroma of grass mowed for hay
Under the blue and gray clouds of a mid November sky
The swallows with the sun on their dark wings chase insects as they fly
The wildflowers of Nature are all around me
And a blackbird is singing on a black-wood tree
Of the birds who do sing every day of the year
The flutes of the magpies a joy for to hear
On nutritious young grass gaining weight by the day
The contented cattle chewing their cuds do lay
In Nature so much beauty for to admire
And of singing her praises could one ever tire
The dainty black and white magpie larks are singing pee wee
And beauty is everywhere all around me.

Not A Very Long Span

Since the longest lived human life as time goes not a very long span
You should live for as long as you possibly can
And die when you have to for we all must die
Since the fact is us humans are mortals and fact never lie
Death makes us all equal why otherwise pretend
And the life's journey for all of us comes to an end
Every day we live one nearer to our last day
Our biological clocks ever ticking away
The kind and compassionate sows karma's good seed
By helping everyone of their helping in need
In a Human World where many their own praises do sing
Humility is becoming an endangered thing
But try to be humble and kind to others and live for as long as you can
For living a good life this is your best plan.

On President Elect Trump

Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote her achievement seems small
Compared to Donald J Trump who is the President elect and the winner takes all
The power and the honor as well as the bulk of the fame
For every winner and loser it is always the same

Donald J Trump for an American President seems a bit of a lout
A lot of lies, foulness and negativity does escape his foul mouth
In his case it does seem negativity did pay
And this seems a very sad thing for to say

Those who voted for Donald J Trump for U S President may live to regret
The mistake they have made that they would rather forget
He is rather rude and he is not very bright
And one can say of the man that he lacks on insight

In The U S Primaries and Presidential Election he was misogynist, racist and in his ways acting strange
But one can only hope as the President that he will change
For if not those who campaigned and voted against him will give him four years of hell
And a change in his direction and words and thinking would serve Donald well

Donald J Trump who knows how to divide people them may find harder to unite
Lets hope for his and America's sake his bark is worse than his bite
In his public image to him there is a dark side
Can he now unite those he managed to divide?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bill And Katie

Young love does bloom quickly as most would agree
And often as quickly fade is how it seems to be
Bill fancies Katie and she fancies Bill
He would like to ask her on a date and she hopes that he will

But Katie is the lover of his best friend Jim
And Bill is a fellow with honor in him
So from Jim he will not be trying to lure Katie away
As loyal to his friend he is determined to stay

Though in reality it will never become this way
A sort of a love triangle of this one might say
Bill due to loyalty to his friend will stay with his partner Tess
And his feelings for Katie in him he suppress

The praises of love the singers may sing
But love it is not always a joyful thing
Bill fancies Katie and she fancies Bill
And she hopes he will ask her on a date but he never will.

Life Will Go On As Usual

Every day people are born to life and every day people die
But life as usual does go on and politicians lie
And some in their thinking are convinced that they have god on their side
And billions are in poverty in Countries Worldwide
And there will be wars and rumors of wars some things never change at all
Though it is said of us humans we learn from life before we learn to crawl
Yet though everyone grows older few are known to grow wise
Few seem to learn from history though this not a surprise
And in a World where kindness, compassion and empathy has never been so rare
So many do grow poorer for every new millionaire
We are led to believe that life gives us our due
And though everybody have their dreams for so few dreams come true
But life will go on as usual and the Seasons will come and go
And time that does rust iron does become everybody's foe.

To Be Flawed Is To Be Human

To be flawed is to be human this applies to all
But any kindness by you to another person is never too small
Since those with the gifts of empathy and compassion are good people indeed
And of more of their sort the Human World is in need
The vast majority of the human population are not free of taint
And a rare one indeed is the living saint
In the twenty first century where there is far less respect for human life
And greed and corruption are Worldwide and rife
They do have rare gifts the compassionate and kind
In the helping of those in need of helping they are readily inclined
Without expecting the rewards of monetary pay
They perform a good deed or two every day
So few near to perfect does seem true to say
This is how we are and we will always be this way.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Rabbit Shooters Of Terang

On evenings in Spring and late Summer many a loud bang
Of rabbit shooters guns in the countryside around Terang
There are even more rabbits than people in old Terang Town
Often seen in the backyards between twilight and sundown

Few young people in Terang Town ever do stay
They move to the bigger Towns of Colac and Warrnambool where there is much bigger pay
Terang a Town that depends on the farming community to survive
Few towns without big industry are known for to thrive

Terang as a whole is a welcoming place
And the locals there known to be a friendly race
Though with an aging population of it one can say
And few ever go there for a holiday.

A place where wild bunnies have never been rare
Near Terang and in Terang Town itself of them more than a share
And when i say where rabbits are plentiful rabbit shooters not few
You may say to this do tell us what is new

In the long evenings of Spring and Summer and the Fall of the year
The loud echo of the shooters guns one does hear
As the rabbits do scatter with every loud bang
In Victoria's south west near the Town of Terang.

A Beautiful November Day

The sun it is shining in the sky blue and gray
So good to be living on this beautiful day
The paddocks and park-lands are looking so green
And the beauty of Spring is everywhere to be seen
In November the last month of the southern Spring
The wild birds of Nature chirp, whistle and sing
Though the first dawn of December and the calendar summer with each passing day does draws near
The weather known to change quickly at this time of year
On quite a nice day of around twenty degrees
Bees taking nectar from the blossoms of the fruit bearing trees
So much natural beauty in Nature to admire
The one that the artists and writers inspire
On what is a beautiful November day
The first dawn of Summer is not far away.

Kevin Hickey

Such sad news out of Millstreet Kevin Hickey has passed away
In view of Cashman's Hill in St Mary's his last remains do lay
Born and raised in Dromnahilla he spend many years in the U S A
And Millstreet much the poorer for his passing one can say

In Dromnahilla by Millstreet Town Kevin spend his younger years
And among his family and friends his passing would not have gone without tears
One who did have many memories of Millstreet of the past
Perhaps in his early seventies when he breathed his last

Kevin Hickey was a good man his friends in numbers did grow
Just one of those nice people who did have the inner glow
In everyone who knew him good memories of him bound to stay
The dead at rest forever and time on the living ticks away

With the passing of the decades few things do seem to last
And in Millstreet in Duhallow the changes are happening fast
That time does age the living only seems true to say
Like Kevin for each and every one of us a final night and day

Such sad news out of Millstreet in view of Clara Hill
A heart that beat with kindness by death has been rendered still
From Kevin Hickey of Dromnahilla the last breath of life has gone
But good memories of the man he was in all who knew him will live on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Peddlers Of Fear

When they tell us who we should trust or not trust they are seeking our votes this is obviously clear
And for this we elect them to govern us the peddlers of fear
They convince us that we are the honorable, the noble and just
And those they do not like are unworthy of our trust
Their own praises they are always quite willing to sing
And their self proclamation of their love of flag and country is for them a vote winning thing
And yet they do nothing for those at the wrong end of the social divide
Whilst the gap between the wealthy and poor does keep growing ever wide
By their very words in their minds they are small
Without saying so the poor they exclude when they talk of a fair go for all
That the politicians we elect to parliament are our reflective mirrors does seem true to say
Those of empathy and compassion becoming rare in the Human World of today
They tell the majority of the voters what the majority of the voters want to hear
And for this are rewarded with political power the peddlers of fear.

A Popular Person

One can say of him that he was known far and wide
Far beyond his Hometown in the green countryside
There was a huge crowd of people at his funeral today
And peace does abide where at peace he now lay

But the size of a funeral if big, medium or small
Of the deceased person says little at all
Except the deceased person to many was known
And his or her friends in their lifetime in numbers had grown

In his lifetime a well known entertainer he led many a sing along
One who did know the words of and rendered many a song
He bowed on the stage when the fans did applaud
But even popular people as he was are known to be flawed

In his life through his charismatic personality he won many a friend
And sad to think his life's journey has come to an end
A popular person at friend making he did succeed
And though not without flaws quite a good man indeed.

Life Is Not Always Great

Life is not always great for those on the summit of renown
Those who create heroes and heroines can also drag their idols down
For the wealthy and famous their lives not their own
The price they do pay for becoming widely known
Billions of people everyday dream of money and fame
And it is not a disadvantage to you to have these to your name
That money speaks every language happens to be true
And if you are wealthy and famous and happy how lucky are you
Yet not many of the wealthy and famous are free of worry and care
He or she not a rare one the unhappy millionaire
Looked up to by the masses and greatly admired
But of the adulation many of them grow tired
With so many willing for to drag them down
Life is not always great for the wealthy and famous on the summit of renown.

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Yearning For Knowledge

My yearning for knowledge only does seem to grow
But the more i do learn the more i realize so little i do know
About anything but as the wise one does say
We learn as we live till our last night and day
The impressionable the praises of their heroes and heroines do sing
But to realize that you lack in knowledge can be a humbling thing
We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
And she or he yet to be born the one who knows it all
Us humans age rather quickly beyond our physical prime
Yet so much to learn of life and in so little time
To those who think they know it all ignorance has to be bliss
On we learn as we live the point they do miss
To realize i know so little i am not one of a few
But every day i live i do learn something new.

In The Millstreet Town Park

On Summer evenings in the Millstreet Town Park many decades ago
Long before time it did become my foe
With friends i often played Soccer and Gaelic football
Though at either game i was of no use at all

But it was only for the love of fun i did play
For a few hours until twilight in the park far away
Those renowned for sports in the Parish back then
If not deceased like me are aging women and men

I think of them often my friends of the past
We did have our fun times but few things in life do last
Few that i knew then in or near the Hometown did stay
And where the deceased are some of them do lay

And only the memories with us do remain
Of good times we had that will not be again
In the Millstreet Town Park the joy in laughter rang out
As we jostled for possession kicking the ball about

On long Summer evenings a new generation of young men do meet
For games of football in the Town Park of Millstreet
Perhaps children or grandchildren of those i played with in my life's prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time

My journey in life took me to places elsewhere
For to try out my luck in the big World out there
Yet in fancy on long Summer evenings till the gloam of nightfall
In the Millstreet Town Park i chase the football.

An Australian Aid Worker

An Australian aid worker a compassionate, kind and caring woman
Taken hostage for money by criminal bandits in Afghanistan
Just one more despicable crime against humanity
How worrying and sad for her family and friends this must be
Only one with a criminal mind the praises of their sort would sing
They have to be desperate for money for to do such a thing
To do this to a great person helping the poor of their Country is a horrible crime
If apprehended they deserve to serve many years of prison time
For living as a good person this should not be her price to pay
A dangerous Land for an aid worker the Afghanistan of today
One can only hope that for her own and her family's and friends sake that she will be okay
In a fair Human World it would not be this way
Crime can be rife in a Land without peace
Hope a ransom can be paid for to secure her release.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Salmon Are Swimming Up Current

In the grayness of a chilly November Dawn
The salmon are swimming up current to spawn
Of the Duhallow rivers as the flood does subside
The will to breed in them cannot be denied
Their lives are in danger at this time of year
As they run the gauntlet of the poachers gaff and spear
Some of them do die in the act of foul play
As victims of poachers which seems sad to say
And only the luckiest fish do survive
And make it back to the saltwater alive
From the predation of humans with luck on their side
In their spawning Season death they have defied
And will return to their birth river for to spawn next year
And run the gauntlet of the poachers gaff and spear.

Since Eventually

Since eventually we all do run out of time
For every rhymer there will be a last rhyme
Our biological clocks are ever ticking away
And for all of us there is a last night and day
A last night and day for the president, the celebrity, the monarch and the pope
Just as a last night and day for those struggling to cope
The people who only do know life as tough
The homeless, the stateless and hungry who live and sleep rough
Whatever our achievements or lack of our lives journeys come to an end
Since we are all born to die why otherwise pretend
A lot of known to be wealthy and famous people in life in cemeteries lay
The Reaper of lives makes all equal one day
At midnight this evening today will be gone
And the clock on our lives ever keeps ticking on.

In The Gray Of A November Twilight

In the gray of a November twilight the weather is windy and dry
A golden billed male blackbird is singing as darkness is crossing the sky
In a voice that cannot be mistaken and is always a joy for to hear
The beautiful dark feathered minstrel who sings in the Spring of the year
Introduced in this southern Country over one hundred and sixty years ago
But that they do not know of their heritage only happens to be so
Their song it is quite unmistakable beautiful melodious and clear
Whenever i do hear a blackbird the northern groves to me are near
In Spring in the high wood by Clara from where i now live far away
I often heard the blackbirds singing after sundown in the twilight gray
The voice of a bird of my younger years bring back pleasant memories of May
Long after the bird has stopped singing the song in the memory does stay
In the gray of a November twilight a golden billed male blackbird i hear
In a voice that cannot be mistaken his song so melodious and clear.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Migrant In This Land

A migrant in this land is all i can wish to be
And time it would have made a stranger of me
Far north in Claraghatlea west of Millstreet Town
Where i used to live when my hair was dark brown
Where few people would recognize me today
Perhaps from there i have been too long away
My roadways of life did lead me to elsewhere
For to try out my luck in the big World out there
Far south of Millstreet Town where i went to school
To the green coastal countryside near Warrnambool
And only the memories in me i retain
Of the old fields i may never walk on again
And friends of the past i may never more meet
In green old Duhallow and the Town of Millstreet.

The Woman Who Loves To Dance

The woman who loves to dance is getting on in years
Perhaps in her mid seventies one of the town's old dears
In brown hair dye she cloaks her silver gray
And it is not her fault that as young she will not stay

A champion dancer of a bygone day
Until time that does weary on her had it's say
Those who knew her as a young woman without hesitation agree
That she is not the dancer she once used to be

She has put on weight time has aged her by degrees
And from decades of dancing with arthritic knees
At senior citizen parties she dances her love of dance from her not gone
Despite her restricted movement she smiles as she dances on

Since dance it was always her great love in life
She never was married and to any man a wife
In her young years tall and athletic and lovely to behold
But time even leaves the best feeling weary and old

In her prime years her shoulder length hair was wavy and brown
Tall and attractive a rose of the town
Yet her great love of dance with her does stay
And she will be dancing on her life's final day.

Old John

Old John for all of the wrong reasons his primary school going years cannot forget
That he paid the price for not being the teacher's pet
Of whilst he was being caned the bad memories from him not gone
The smirk on the face of the classroom teacher's pet in him lives on

Of his primary school teachers in the school room far away
Old John does not have any nice things to say
Though in his own words just one of the boys who knew of physical pain
In the palms of the hands and the buttocks from the wooden cane

The school teachers then looked up to by many in the town
In Johns's words in the treatment of some of their pupils left humanity down
And though long with the deceased of the town they do lay
He only has bad memories of them today

Old John in his early eighties did not have a great life
In his mid twenties he lost Jane his beloved wife
True love comes once in a lifetime that what he does say
He still remembers her with sadness today

On a warm Summer evening whilst swimming with friends in a river pool by the town
Jane got into difficulties and she did drown
Her friends tried to revive her but death was her fate
That evening John was not with her he was working late

She was carrying his child when she breathed her last
And though her tragic death is in the distant past
He still remembers with sadness the loss of his beautiful wife
She was the one and only love of his life.

Friday, November 11, 2016

An Old Soldier

As a young man of twenty to me he did say
I went off to fight in a war far away
To fight against soldiers we were made to believe were our foe
This is going back in time many Seasons ago

I was very young then close to my life's prime
But like many old soldiers i have mellowed in time
Back then i was young, brave and foolhardy this i will not deny
But we learn as we live to most people apply

I cannot say that anyone due to my bullets died
But many of my young comrades they fell at my side
And died in their in their own blood under a foreign sky
But what did they die for i now wonder why?

I never had children did not have a wife
Alcohol was the ruination of my life
Because of my drinking the woman i loved with me did not stay
For my addiction losing her was the price i did pay

Well into his eighties the hair on his balding head silver gray
And clearly he had known of a far better day
He went off to war as a very young man
Adventurous and fearless and full of youthful elan

He had fought in a war and had seen brave men die
And we learn as we live in his case not a lie
A gentle old fellow quite mellowed by time
He drank to forget in his physical prime.

The Longest Lived Human Life

The longest lived human life in time not a long span
On average a few years more for the woman than it is for the man
Those who live to be beyond seventy their best years long gone
And time that rusts iron does keep on ticking on
Of an after bodily death life for the human soul none has come back to tell
And Earthly death is forever as everyone knows all too well
And time as we know does keep ticking on fast
And tomorrow today it will be of the past
The praises of so called high achievers the impressionable masses may sing
But death makes everyone equal which is a good thing
The dead not in need of money where they do lay
Equality comes with our lives final day
Age on the body takes it's toll and weakens the strong
And the longest lived human life in time is not that long.

Just An Ordinary Rhymer

Just an ordinary rhymer my sort are not rare
And in rhyme i have memories with others to share
In a materially oriented World a never do well
Yet like everyone else i have stories to tell
We all have our stories to tell in some way
And tomorrow's memory will be of today
In an age when self promotion is the in thing
So many their own praises do love to sing
And their own life achievements in their words celebrate
To self in their stories they can only relate.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Old Deceased Sporting Legends Of Koroit

Though in the cemetery at Tower Hill their last remains lay
The old deceased sporting legends of Koroit are at rest today
In the memories of those who knew or knew of them they are living on
Though the last breath of life from them it has long gone

Eventually the Reaper of lives pays a visit to all
This includes bowls and netball, cricket and football
And Koroit of the Moyne Shire in the coastal countryside
For it's sporting women and men is known and far and wide

Among Koroit elders good memories of their deceased sporting legends do last
In the Commercial and Mickey Bourke's pubs they often reminisce of deceased sporting greats of the past
The heroines and heroes of many a Grand Final day
Good memories die hard as the wise one does say

Though age comes to us quickly and time ticks on fast
We treasure our better memories of the past
And for as long as the gift of memory we retain
The past we do visit again and again

The sporting greats of the Moyne Shire many decades ago
Till time that rusts iron did become their foe
From life for us all there is a final release
The old deceased sporting legends of Koroit in Tower Hill are at peace.

I Can Only Agree

Does not matter if you are a high achiever or a never do well
Of your life you do have your own stories to tell
You too have your own journey in life to make
And you too will be made to pay for your every mistake
That we are what we are i for one must agree
In life you only can be the best that you can be
On how you live your life it is all up to you
But the wrongs you do to others to your own self you do
Few kind and generous people ever know of renown
And are even strangers to many on their side of the town
So many judge people by their material success
But their sort are never that hard to impress
You only can be the best that you can be
On such a life philosophy i can only agree.

On Melbourne Cup Day

In thoroughbred racing the Melbourne Cup is Australia's big day
And at Flemington Racecourse thousands of big egos are on display
But just a vulgar show of riches would you not agree
In a World where millions of people are in dire poverty
In Flemington on Melbourne Cup day you will not meet
A shabbily dressed homeless and hungry person from Poverty Street
Where wealthy young women for fashion prizes do compete
On what is a big show of public self conceit
In Flemington on Cup day the whose who of racing one does see
On what seems a huge display of ego to me
As the gap between the wealthy and the poor does grow
Of wealth and affluence just another big show
I have never been in Flemington Racecourse on Melbourne Cup day
Though of this i do not feel sorry in truth i can say.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kevin Bowman

In the cemetery at Tower Hill his last remains lay
Kevin Bowman he has lived his last night and day
A true gentleman one who did love to sing
It is so sad to think he has lived his last Spring

To his wife Judy and their children and grandchildren and his family and friends his passing a huge loss
But in life as is often said there is many a cross
With strong links to the Koroit of the long ago
Kevin went through life without making a foe

Though many Seasons past his youthful elan
Kevin died in his late sixties he was not an old man
A family man devoted to his children and wife
In the Moyne Shire in Koroit and Woolsthorpe he lived most of his life

To many Kevin Bowman proved such a good friend
But sadly he suffered at his life's journey's end
At the Tower Hill cemetery tears of loss did flow
For one who in life did have the inner glow

The Kevin Bowman's of the World to say the least rare
His gift of song with others he was willing to share
From the pains of the suffering he was enduring death gave him release
In Tower Hill Cemetery may he now rest in peace.


In the park she will never be seen again
Mental images of her are all that does remain
Sandra in her mid eighties was buried today
Among the town's deceased at peace she does lay

She never had children or was never any man's wife
But she always did honor her great gift of life
Always willing to help anyone of helping in need
Sandra she was a great person indeed

Of shoulder length wavy silver gray hair and a beautiful face
She was one of the few who did age with grace
Down to earth and friendly and free of guile
She always greeted everyone with a beautiful smile

She was such a beautiful person to know
One who was born with the inner glow
Sad to think her i am never more for to meet
When i am out walking in the park or the street

Joy to so many in life she did bring
But this morning the farewell bell for her did ring
The last breath of life from her body may be gone
But in all who knew her fond memories of Sandra will live on.

It Is Something I Have Written Of Often Before

It Is Something I Have Written of Often Before
I write rhymes for enjoyment and little else more
But never for money or literary fame
At writing rhymes few for themselves ever do make a name
I add to my number of rhymes every day
If i did not enjoy doing it i would give it away
And though everyone is needed in the Wordsmith trade
It is true of poets they are born not made
A quote from a person who must have been wise
The cream to the top of the milk always rise
Perhaps i am one addicted to the penning of rhyme
It is something i have been doing over decades of time
And though my best years in life in the forever gone
True to my calling i will keep on rhyming on.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An October Evening In Warrnambool

Rain drizzling from a sunless sky and a cool chill in the breeze
In coastal south west Victoria it is only ten degrees
On an evening in late October in the City of Warrnambool
In Spring in this part of Australia the weather sometimes windy, wet and cool
A regional coastal tourist City one of it's claims to fame
And as Victoria's windy Warrnambool lives up to it's name
Well known to holidaymakers of Nations Worldwide
The beautiful old City of the coastal countryside
Above where the big white waves of the Pacific crash on the breakwater wall
The white flocking silver gulls as they do fly do call
Nature in her many moods is an amazing thing
In south west Victoria the weather changes quickly in Spring
On the last day of October it is only ten degrees
The rain drizzling down and a chill in the breeze.

The Fellow Who Says Little

The fellow who says little he is known far and wide
He is a talented though humble person without secrets to hide
Not into self promotion he is not that sort of man
And if he thinks you are one in need of helping he will help you if he can
Quite a talented artist though of self he never boast
To the fellow who says little none ever drink a toast
In his mid to late twenties without children in his life
He does not have a partner or he never had a wife
One of the town's best artists though he lives life on his own
And thanks to his marvelous paintings he is becoming better known
Not part of any social group or any social club
He is never seen at parties or in any local pub
One of those quite achievers who lives life in his own way
Though the Human World is badly in need of more of his kind today.

On The Booing Of Adam Goodes

The booing of famous A F L footballer and former Australian of the year Adam Goodes a moment of Australian shame
Just racism in the name of sport for want of a better name
By a crowd of racist yobbos who will never know of fame
But for the bad behavior of a loutish minority a whole Nation of people not to blame

A two time Brownlow Medalist and champion indigenous person and a champion in every way
Adam Goodes deserves far better than being treated in this way it would be true to say
To the football barracking mob who booed Adam Goodes sheer ignorance is bliss
The point in a fair go for all their sort always seem to miss

Anyone part of the mob in the booing of Adam Goodes have nothing of to feel proud
Football louts are only brave when part of the rabble crowd
When with their foul mouthed racist friends they feel greatly empowered
But the mob member outside of the mob is usually a coward

Any of the mob in the booing of Adam Goodes of fame of will never know
Like roosters in the fowl shed among their flock they crow
All of this is in the past and the past forever gone
And long after their sort are forgotten Adam Goodes name will live on.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Since Life Is This Way

Times can be tough on you life can be this way
But tomorrow for you can be your greatest day
Laugh and the World laughs with you as some do like to say
But hard for you to laugh with big bills to pay
On small take home wages yours is not an easy life
With three dependents to support a young son and young daughter and their mother your wife
But who knows what good luck tomorrow to you will bring
Since life can be quite an unpredictable thing
The lotto ticket you bought at the lotto agency for tonight's big lotto prize
May turn out for you and your family quite a joyful surprise
And tomorrow ring your boss to tell him to work you will never more come in
And laugh as you tell him of your big lotto win
Yes tomorrow for you may be your greatest day
Your luck can quickly change since life is this way.

I Am From The Place Where The Waterways Meet

I am from the place where the waterways meet
In the green countryside by the Town of Millstreet
Claraghatlea in view of high Claramore
In distance far north of this southern shore
And though in Spring i may never walk in the old fields again
And hear the birds sing in the drizzling rain
In memory i can hear a familiar voice of the Spring
On a green leafy birch tree a male chaffinch does sing
Where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
And learning of her ways today i enjoy
Nature has lessons for us far more than a few
And everyday of her we learn something new
And though i may never walk in the old fields again
Fond memories of what was in me does remain.

To Your Memories Your Past

To your memories your past does only belong
And time does not wait it keeps ticking along
The now is all that does matter since yesterday has gone
And tomorrow will dawn and life will go on
For our every mistake in life some price to pay
And we learn as we live as the wise one does say
For many a new challenge in life to face every day
Suppose destiny for them has made it this way
In a World where many must lose for a few for to win
The desire to lead a moral and a good life does come from within
There is more to life than living for i, myself and me
With such words of wisdom one can only agree
To your memories your past does only belong
Today is all that does matter and time ticks along.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Person That You Are

It does not matter what race or color you are black or white or brown
Or if you are quite wealthy or a poor one of the town
Or if you live as homeless or drive a brand new expensive car
It only matters at your life's journey end the person that you are
Of how you treated others on your life's journey's way
Have you caused offense to others by cruel things of them you did say
Or are you one though not wealthy yourself to a poor person who was a good friend
On how we treat other people matters at life's journey's end
Some of the materially successful on their way to wealth and renown
For their own gain and self interest known to drag others down
Some very wealthy people in their ways very small
In a fairer World it would not be that the winners would take all
On the hill of material success you may have climbed quite far
But this does not tell us anything of the person that you are.

I Am Not A Sugar Daddy

I am not a sugar daddy though one i would like to be
As some attractive money loving young women in their twenties would feign love of me
Just to use me for my money at my expense have a good time
The wealthy man sought by some young women though he is long past his prime

That money does speak every language this not hard to understand
If i were a sugar daddy i would go walking hand in hand
With a beautiful young woman in the parkland of the town
In the calm of the twilight before nightfall after sundown

For me she had dumped her young lover such a feeling would be nice
For his lack of legal tender love heartache would be his price
If she only loved me for my money should i know or should i care
What i do not know of will not hurt me of this i am all too aware

If i were a sugar daddy young women of me would wish to know
Lack of money makes me feel older and i lack in the inner glow
To be poor and young it is hard but to be poor and old is worse
You are not much use to anyone with little money in your purse.

You May Feel Life

You may feel life on you is tough
And that you are one of the not good enough
But you are not alone on feeling this way
Since many live with self doubt everyday
And though like many you dream of life success
Others you do not set out to impress
In a World where self promotion with many is the in thing
Your own praises you never sing
Your life seems in a sorry state
As you have been struggling financially of late
But hope for better from your mind not gone
And in life you do battle on
And since with hope for better you keep faith
All good things come to those who wait.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

On Searching For The meaning Of Life

You may be highly educated with college and university degrees
But searching for the meaning of life is like searching for money on the bushes and the trees
Or a poor mangy dog who is never at ease
And goes without sleep as it scratches for fleas
For the meaning of life it would be fair to say
Is like searching for a needle in a stack of hay
On your idea of what life is about few with you would agree
And what is for you on this also applies to me
Only know into life we are born to eventually die
As the dog and the cat the same for you and i
Only know that time that rusts iron becomes everyone's foe
And i gave up on searching for the meaning of life many decades ago
I now just want to live on for as long as i can
And die in my sleep without pain as a very old man.

In Their Quest For Power

In their quest for power and political renown
Opposing political party members in parliament verbally run each other down
The government and the opposition members about each other do not have any nice things to say
For the sake of power this is the political way
Though to their higher selves some of them not true
Not all politicians untrustworthy for to give them their due
For their egotistical ways many politicians are known
They are one might say in a league of their own
Many pre-election promises post election day they do break
But then of course promises are always easy to make
Some politicians it does seem flatter to deceive
And bigger fool you if their words you believe
Though some of them in their ways known to be just
Politicians on a whole you should not take on trust.

It Has Been So Long

It Has been so long so long ago a memory to remember
At Shannaknock Cross the travelers parked their horse drawn vans for the Millstreet Town horse fair of September
They played music, sung and drank their stout, told stories and made merry
At the byroad to Shannaknock off of the Millstreet road to Kerry
But in the early sixties old ways did change forever
The passing of time always bring change and new ways of life from the old do sever
No traveler horse drawn vans at Shannaknock cross today change come as time it passes
The young boy of the nineteen fifties is gray and bald and wearing glasses
We only have memories of the past the now is all that matter
Youth has it's fling as some do say and age leaves us old and fatter
An Irish traveler at the Shannaknock Cross today would feel a stranger
The increase on motorized vehicles put them and their horses lives in danger
No Irish traveler vans at the Shannaknock Cross today for the Millstreet Town horse fair of September
And this was many years ago as i do well remember.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Our Lessons In Life

Our lessons in life never do come cheap
The karma that we sow we have to reap
Those who deliberately harm another in any way
For this to karma the price they must pay
Since on such a way of life i do believe
I admire those who do give to receive
Those who take and take and in return nothing give
By karma's law have chosen not to live
The saying of live and let live as true does remain
If through your deliberate deceit a loss to another becomes your gain
Then some bad karma in your life will be your due
I only say what happens for to be true
Our lessons in life do come at a price
But on how we treat others we do have a choice.

Their Minds Are Darkened To Light

In recent times outlawed as terrorists by the Governments of Britain and Ireland the I R A
Do seem rather timid when compared to the terrorists of today
For so called religious people it does seem rather odd
That they deliberately target maim and kill people in the name of their god

It must be an extremely violent god that to they do kneel, bow and pray
Or they must be mentally unstable in a very dangerous way
Of such violent extremists humanity is not in need
Without their sort the Human World would be far safer and better to live in indeed

It can be said of any individual you are on what you believe
But by their murdering and maiming they will never succeed on what they set out to achieve
That by their actions they are mentally unbalanced does seem obviously clear
Since they fail to realize that love always conquers fear

The violent criminals who believe they have god on their side
But because of them so many good people have been maimed for life or died
They lack in goodness and compassion which comes from insight
And the windows of their minds are darkened to light.

Tomorrow Will Dawn

Tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone
And business will go on and deals will be do
And in a human World where for one for to win many have to lose
For to lose is something anyone would not choose
At the stroke of midnight today will be gone
And tomorrow will dawn and life will go on
Yet our biological clocks ever ticking away
And every day we live one nearer to our last day
Tomorrow will dawn as we know all too well
But for some there will be the tolling of the farewell bell
And birds will chirp and sing and the freshening breeze
Will be heard as it soughs in the bushes and trees
Tomorrow will dawn but not for everyone
And business as usual and deals will be done.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Old Castlemaine

October has brought with it wind and heavy rain
But today the sun it is shining on old Castlemaine
The mosquitoes are biting it is this time of year
And they are at their most aggressive when rain it is near
The yellow capeweed and the orange gazanias in bloom beautiful flowers
They do seem to thrive in the October showers
Introduced weeds in this country some are known to say
But some of those who love natural beauty may not see it this way
Of singing the praises of Nature one never could tire
Her beauty the artists and writers inspire
To write of and sketch her on canvas for others to admire
No shortage of natural beauty in the Mt Alexander Shire
The mosquitoes are biting a sure sign of rain
On a nice sunny Spring day in old Castlemaine.

Happy Johnny

Wherever he is at joy is to be found
He carries it with him hand and shares it around
Why he does make friends easily no need to ask why
Happy Johnny the nickname that he is known by
His sort of person everyone wishes to know
Happy Johnny the fellow with the inner glow
He always does have a big smile on his face
In his mind for sadness there is not any space
New friendships for his sort are easy to win
His fountain of laughter is bubbling within
The one in the neighborhood without a foe
He carries joy with him to wherever he go
For sadness in his mind there is not any space
He always does have a big smile on his face.

Happy And Sad Faces

When i am out walking on every street
Happy and sad faces i always do meet
A smile does not cost as the wise one does say
And on passing some even wish me a good day
A smile and a hello from a stranger is such a nice thing
And a flutter of joy to the mind it does bring
But the one you say hello to and in reply to you has nothing to say
The joy left by the friendly in you fade away
Why the moods of others can affect us ask one other than me
Though i often wonder to myself why this should be
But that other peoples moods do affect us this i do know
So lucky are they who have the inner glow
And when i am out walking on every street
Happy and sad faces i always do meet.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Far South Of Millstreet

A long way south of Claraghatlea in Millstreet and the rushy fields in view of Clara hill
Though in my dreams i sometimes hear the ripple of the ever free flowing mountain rill
On it's journey to the bigger river to the great Atlantic far away
All i do have are memories of the what was though i feel happy where i live today

My journey in life has brought me to south west coastal Victoria in Australia to the countryside near Warrnambool
Far south of Millstreet in Duhallow where i attended primary school
Some of those that i went to school with with went to and left university with their degrees
And as for me i spend most of my working years as a slogger quite often in mud to my knees

But there comes a time to everyone when your life achievements means little if anything at all
Nature's reaper of lives does not worry when tall poppies to the scythe of death fall
Life's reaper makes human life equal to the earth worm and the ant and the woodlouse
The horse, sheep and bovine the rat and the cat and the mouse

To most of those living that i went to school with in Millstreet i feel that i would be a stranger today
Most of us went on our different life journeys few in their home places do stay
I am aging far south even by the short route of Hibernia's windswept rocky shore
And i may never again walk in the old fields in view of the heights of Claramore

A long way south Of Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra of Clara and Gortavehy with the face of stone
Toorbonia and the hill of Caherbarnagh and Hollymount and the famed Paps of Shrone
And a long way south of the fields west of Millstreet and Millstreet Town where i attended school
To the Moyne Shire that has links to the Dreamtime in the coastal countryside Near Warrnambool.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Without Luck This Well Might Be Me

One prosthetic leg attached to his right knee
Without luck on my side this well could be me
Perhaps in his seventies one who seemed far from strong
With the aid of a walking stick on the footpath he slowly hobbled along
If financially poor or well off how could i know to say
Though well dressed with short clipped hair on his balding head of gray
In passing me on the footpath he smiled and wished me a good day
This braver man than me in every way
Many people i know often like to complain
Of their worries and cares and lack of financial gain
Though physically, mentally and financially okay and in life doing quite well
In their negative thinking they create for themselves their own Earthly Hell
With a prosthetic leg attached to his right knee
I thought to myself without luck this well might be me.

Your Hero And My Heroine

Those who are great to you do not seem great to me
On our heroes and heroines we do not agree
My heroine in her mid sixties is one who leads by good example in life
Though she is not anyone's mother or anyone's wife
But she is a great friend of the poor of the town
And is always willing to help the homeless and the hungry and the financially down
Your hero is a highly paid World famous football player
Self conceited and arrogant and a known multi millionaire
But with those doing it tough not even a small percentage of his millions he does share
Even the least bit of sympathy for the homeless he does not have to spare
My heroine an aging working nurse in helping others always inclined
Though there is never a fan club for the compassionate and kind
Your hero is famous and wealthy and great at playing football
But for those doing it tough he does nothing at all.

Of Egotistical People

Of egotistical people i quickly do tire
In them there is nothing for me to admire
Into self promotion in quite a big way
The most of the materially successful of the Human World of today
The people who make an impression on me
Are the self assuming those with humility
But their sort known to be materially successful only of the few
In this i am not saying anything that is new
They are not rare those only too willing their own praises to sing
Nowadays self promotion does seem the in thing
For success with each other big egos compete
There is always competition for attention wherever their sort do meet
For their material success the egotistical people do not have my sort to thank
And this is as sure as some do call me Frank.