Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Popular Person

One can say of him that he was known far and wide
Far beyond his Hometown in the green countryside
There was a huge crowd of people at his funeral today
And peace does abide where at peace he now lay

But the size of a funeral if big, medium or small
Of the deceased person says little at all
Except the deceased person to many was known
And his or her friends in their lifetime in numbers had grown

In his lifetime a well known entertainer he led many a sing along
One who did know the words of and rendered many a song
He bowed on the stage when the fans did applaud
But even popular people as he was are known to be flawed

In his life through his charismatic personality he won many a friend
And sad to think his life's journey has come to an end
A popular person at friend making he did succeed
And though not without flaws quite a good man indeed.

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