Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bill And Katie

Young love does bloom quickly as most would agree
And often as quickly fade is how it seems to be
Bill fancies Katie and she fancies Bill
He would like to ask her on a date and she hopes that he will

But Katie is the lover of his best friend Jim
And Bill is a fellow with honor in him
So from Jim he will not be trying to lure Katie away
As loyal to his friend he is determined to stay

Though in reality it will never become this way
A sort of a love triangle of this one might say
Bill due to loyalty to his friend will stay with his partner Tess
And his feelings for Katie in him he suppress

The praises of love the singers may sing
But love it is not always a joyful thing
Bill fancies Katie and she fancies Bill
And she hopes he will ask her on a date but he never will.

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