Sunday, November 27, 2016

He Does Not Have A Reason

He does not have a reason for to smile today
Since the company director has ordered a cut in employees pay
The company profits are down this year
And the employees in less take home pay must help out the company bosses have made clear

With a wife and two young daughters to support it is more money not less he does need
And a cut in wages for him makes life much harder indeed
But he cannot afford to quit his job since jobs are few
And many unemployed and looking for work such news is not new

The company financial income may be down but a huge annual profit their accounts do show
But it is only the bad financial news of them their employees do know
It is the employees must bear the burden of the company's financial loss
The workers as always must shoulder the cross

Circumstance has condemned him to work for a company that has only given him a cut in pay
That life for his sort is never easy does seem true to say
And with hope for the better he does keep faith
And all good things do come to those who for them do wait.

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