Sunday, November 20, 2016

Humility Is Not An In Thing

Humility is not an in thing of the Human World of today
Nor neither is lack of arrogance it would be true to say
In a World where people everyday for success do compete
The unassuming person is always a joy to meet

In a World where far too many their own praises love to sing
It is only true that self promotion nowadays is the in thing
The Human World seems like an ongoing competition where people with each other compete
For success and all that goes with it in a show of self conceit

The praises of the arrogant successful the impressionable do sing
As if money and fame and all that goes with them does count for everything
On what is known as the success hill you well may have climbed far
But this does not tell us anything of the person you really are

Are you humble enough to realize that lady luck is on your side
And are you humble enough to realize that millions of good people are in poverty Worldwide
Homeless dejected and hungry through no fault of their own
They are special people those who remain humble though of great success they have known

On saying that among the wealthy and famous the humble are quite few
Is not a revelation or saying anything that is new
And in a World where billions of people everyday with each other for some form of success compete
An unassuming person one does not often meet.

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