Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Am Not A Sugar Daddy

I am not a sugar daddy though one i would like to be
As some attractive money loving young women in their twenties would feign love of me
Just to use me for my money at my expense have a good time
The wealthy man sought by some young women though he is long past his prime

That money does speak every language this not hard to understand
If i were a sugar daddy i would go walking hand in hand
With a beautiful young woman in the parkland of the town
In the calm of the twilight before nightfall after sundown

For me she had dumped her young lover such a feeling would be nice
For his lack of legal tender love heartache would be his price
If she only loved me for my money should i know or should i care
What i do not know of will not hurt me of this i am all too aware

If i were a sugar daddy young women of me would wish to know
Lack of money makes me feel older and i lack in the inner glow
To be poor and young it is hard but to be poor and old is worse
You are not much use to anyone with little money in your purse.

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