Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kevin Bowman

In the cemetery at Tower Hill his last remains lay
Kevin Bowman he has lived his last night and day
A true gentleman one who did love to sing
It is so sad to think he has lived his last Spring

To his wife Judy and their children and grandchildren and his family and friends his passing a huge loss
But in life as is often said there is many a cross
With strong links to the Koroit of the long ago
Kevin went through life without making a foe

Though many Seasons past his youthful elan
Kevin died in his late sixties he was not an old man
A family man devoted to his children and wife
In the Moyne Shire in Koroit and Woolsthorpe he lived most of his life

To many Kevin Bowman proved such a good friend
But sadly he suffered at his life's journey's end
At the Tower Hill cemetery tears of loss did flow
For one who in life did have the inner glow

The Kevin Bowman's of the World to say the least rare
His gift of song with others he was willing to share
From the pains of the suffering he was enduring death gave him release
In Tower Hill Cemetery may he now rest in peace.

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