Monday, November 14, 2016

My Yearning For Knowledge

My yearning for knowledge only does seem to grow
But the more i do learn the more i realize so little i do know
About anything but as the wise one does say
We learn as we live till our last night and day
The impressionable the praises of their heroes and heroines do sing
But to realize that you lack in knowledge can be a humbling thing
We have been learning from life before we learned how to crawl
And she or he yet to be born the one who knows it all
Us humans age rather quickly beyond our physical prime
Yet so much to learn of life and in so little time
To those who think they know it all ignorance has to be bliss
On we learn as we live the point they do miss
To realize i know so little i am not one of a few
But every day i live i do learn something new.

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