Saturday, November 12, 2016

Old John

Old John for all of the wrong reasons his primary school going years cannot forget
That he paid the price for not being the teacher's pet
Of whilst he was being caned the bad memories from him not gone
The smirk on the face of the classroom teacher's pet in him lives on

Of his primary school teachers in the school room far away
Old John does not have any nice things to say
Though in his own words just one of the boys who knew of physical pain
In the palms of the hands and the buttocks from the wooden cane

The school teachers then looked up to by many in the town
In Johns's words in the treatment of some of their pupils left humanity down
And though long with the deceased of the town they do lay
He only has bad memories of them today

Old John in his early eighties did not have a great life
In his mid twenties he lost Jane his beloved wife
True love comes once in a lifetime that what he does say
He still remembers her with sadness today

On a warm Summer evening whilst swimming with friends in a river pool by the town
Jane got into difficulties and she did drown
Her friends tried to revive her but death was her fate
That evening John was not with her he was working late

She was carrying his child when she breathed her last
And though her tragic death is in the distant past
He still remembers with sadness the loss of his beautiful wife
She was the one and only love of his life.

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