Saturday, November 19, 2016

Old Mt Tarrengower

For it's breathtaking scenery in Australian scenic renown
Old Mt Tarrengower overlooking Maldon Town
One of the best viewing spots of the central Victoria countryside
From it's summit one can see country far and wide
Home to native wildlife wallaby and echidna and gray kangaroo
And birds such as pee wees and magpies, crows and yellow tailed black cockatoo
Where Australia's first people hunted and had their corroborees
On warm Summer evening in the shade of the trees
But time brings with it changes as the wise one does say
And no didgeridoos to be heard on Mt Tarrengower today
The people come and go but the mountain remain
And each time i visit the countryside of Maldon and Castlemaine
I drive up the steep road to the summit of Mt Tarrengower
To view the breathtaking scenery from the viewing tower.

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