Thursday, November 10, 2016

On Melbourne Cup Day

In thoroughbred racing the Melbourne Cup is Australia's big day
And at Flemington Racecourse thousands of big egos are on display
But just a vulgar show of riches would you not agree
In a World where millions of people are in dire poverty
In Flemington on Melbourne Cup day you will not meet
A shabbily dressed homeless and hungry person from Poverty Street
Where wealthy young women for fashion prizes do compete
On what is a big show of public self conceit
In Flemington on Cup day the whose who of racing one does see
On what seems a huge display of ego to me
As the gap between the wealthy and the poor does grow
Of wealth and affluence just another big show
I have never been in Flemington Racecourse on Melbourne Cup day
Though of this i do not feel sorry in truth i can say.

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