Thursday, November 3, 2016

On Old Castlemaine

October has brought with it wind and heavy rain
But today the sun it is shining on old Castlemaine
The mosquitoes are biting it is this time of year
And they are at their most aggressive when rain it is near
The yellow capeweed and the orange gazanias in bloom beautiful flowers
They do seem to thrive in the October showers
Introduced weeds in this country some are known to say
But some of those who love natural beauty may not see it this way
Of singing the praises of Nature one never could tire
Her beauty the artists and writers inspire
To write of and sketch her on canvas for others to admire
No shortage of natural beauty in the Mt Alexander Shire
The mosquitoes are biting a sure sign of rain
On a nice sunny Spring day in old Castlemaine.

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