Friday, November 18, 2016

On President Elect Trump

Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote her achievement seems small
Compared to Donald J Trump who is the President elect and the winner takes all
The power and the honor as well as the bulk of the fame
For every winner and loser it is always the same

Donald J Trump for an American President seems a bit of a lout
A lot of lies, foulness and negativity does escape his foul mouth
In his case it does seem negativity did pay
And this seems a very sad thing for to say

Those who voted for Donald J Trump for U S President may live to regret
The mistake they have made that they would rather forget
He is rather rude and he is not very bright
And one can say of the man that he lacks on insight

In The U S Primaries and Presidential Election he was misogynist, racist and in his ways acting strange
But one can only hope as the President that he will change
For if not those who campaigned and voted against him will give him four years of hell
And a change in his direction and words and thinking would serve Donald well

Donald J Trump who knows how to divide people them may find harder to unite
Lets hope for his and America's sake his bark is worse than his bite
In his public image to him there is a dark side
Can he now unite those he managed to divide?

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