Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On Radio This Evening

On radio this evening i heard a well known poet
Give his views on a major writer and one unworthy of literary note
Self opinionated in his views is how he seemed to me
But each to their own one must suppose is how it ought to be
In literary circles his opinions hold some weight by those who think they know best
The opinionated literary critics the well paid and well dressed
Literature's privileged minority who are well paid to decide
On the unworthy of literary criticism and those who should be famed Worldwide
He talked of his favorite writers and his own praises did sing
To the self conceited and opinionated self praise seems a natural thing
Cannot say i liked his way of speaking he sounded a bit of a toff
Ten minutes listening to him enough for me the radio i switched off
Though i realize he is admired by many but that too is okay
Each to their own opinions as some do like to say.

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