Monday, November 21, 2016


In her younger years her shoulder length wavy hair was chestnut brown
Rosy in her prime one of the pretty girls of the town
Now in her late forties with a son of twenty three
She is not the woman that she once used to be

She dyes her hair brown to cloak her silver gray
And use anti ageing creams and makeup to keep age wrinkles at bay
But she looks overweight and it is true to say
That she is one who has known of a far better day

Her ex husband Joe with her did not stay
To her he was unfaithful some men are this way
Without him she raised their son John on her own
Of life's harder side Rosy has known

Rosy looked quite beautiful in her physical prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time
One of the town beauties a few decades ago
Though eventually time becomes everyone's foe.

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