Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Fellow Who Says Little

The fellow who says little he is known far and wide
He is a talented though humble person without secrets to hide
Not into self promotion he is not that sort of man
And if he thinks you are one in need of helping he will help you if he can
Quite a talented artist though of self he never boast
To the fellow who says little none ever drink a toast
In his mid to late twenties without children in his life
He does not have a partner or he never had a wife
One of the town's best artists though he lives life on his own
And thanks to his marvelous paintings he is becoming better known
Not part of any social group or any social club
He is never seen at parties or in any local pub
One of those quite achievers who lives life in his own way
Though the Human World is badly in need of more of his kind today.

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