Monday, November 28, 2016

The Government And The Homeless Unemployed

It cannot be our problem if they are in a financial hole
And though we know there are no jobs for them we must not give them dole
At our Government Cabinet meetings from any talk of them we must resist
We just have got to ignore them as if they do not exist

If we talk of unemployment in our voters this would sow seeds of self doubt
And since to us their votes are most important jobs and a booming economy we must talk about
We must keep our voters happy since we need them on our side
We will never win votes talking of the homeless unemployed

It can hardly be our problem if their parents have kicked them out
And they are homeless, jobless and hungry and wondering what life is about
And it can hardly be our problem if many of them do turn to crime
And their wrongdoings have them in prison serving well deserved jail time

Our talk must be of jobs and new industries and not of the unemployed homeless and an economy in stress
Since our impressionable voters we do have to impress
We only like them for their votes which to them is not obviously clear
And we only do tell them what they do wish to hear

And this is not of the homeless unemployed who are hard done by life
Who live in the suburbs where poverty is rife
In life we will leave them to find their own way
Since they never cast their votes on election day.

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