Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Old Deceased Sporting Legends Of Koroit

Though in the cemetery at Tower Hill their last remains lay
The old deceased sporting legends of Koroit are at rest today
In the memories of those who knew or knew of them they are living on
Though the last breath of life from them it has long gone

Eventually the Reaper of lives pays a visit to all
This includes bowls and netball, cricket and football
And Koroit of the Moyne Shire in the coastal countryside
For it's sporting women and men is known and far and wide

Among Koroit elders good memories of their deceased sporting legends do last
In the Commercial and Mickey Bourke's pubs they often reminisce of deceased sporting greats of the past
The heroines and heroes of many a Grand Final day
Good memories die hard as the wise one does say

Though age comes to us quickly and time ticks on fast
We treasure our better memories of the past
And for as long as the gift of memory we retain
The past we do visit again and again

The sporting greats of the Moyne Shire many decades ago
Till time that rusts iron did become their foe
From life for us all there is a final release
The old deceased sporting legends of Koroit in Tower Hill are at peace.

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