Monday, November 21, 2016

The Past Hardly Matter

The past hardly matter it has gone forever only the memories of it does remain
People we knew we sometimes do remember though we are never to meet them again
Presently life is not treating you kindly though better days of you may well be ahead
Make the most of your existence for you will be forever dead

And try to be happy since happy people others of do wish to know
Do not allow your present worries to darken your inner glow
Laugh and the World laughs with you as a truism remain
Why this should be so common knowledge one does not need to explain

You may have your worries but it is not a surprise
To know many doing it tougher than you as you must realize
So many are homeless and sleeping rough tonight
For them life is a battle a tough uphill fight

You are not hungry or homeless though presently money with you is tight
But better days for you may well be in sight
The unhappy person few of wish to know
As unhappiness does darken the inner glow.

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