Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Peddlers Of Fear

When they tell us who we should trust or not trust they are seeking our votes this is obviously clear
And for this we elect them to govern us the peddlers of fear
They convince us that we are the honorable, the noble and just
And those they do not like are unworthy of our trust
Their own praises they are always quite willing to sing
And their self proclamation of their love of flag and country is for them a vote winning thing
And yet they do nothing for those at the wrong end of the social divide
Whilst the gap between the wealthy and poor does keep growing ever wide
By their very words in their minds they are small
Without saying so the poor they exclude when they talk of a fair go for all
That the politicians we elect to parliament are our reflective mirrors does seem true to say
Those of empathy and compassion becoming rare in the Human World of today
They tell the majority of the voters what the majority of the voters want to hear
And for this are rewarded with political power the peddlers of fear.

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